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CyberSpacers If you hack the law strikes back MC magic computer

Hey, Kidsjoin the swarm against Cyber Crime!

Learning to be good Cyber Citizens starts early.

For the Good of Cyberspace!

Join in the fight against cyber-crime –
help MC and friends keep the Internet safe.
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Stop Hackers – Frame 34


CLASSROOM – In-person visit with MC – Magic Computer!
{Kids joining CyberSpacers receive logo caps, T’s, and etc.
Q & A quiz for prizes, software, games, etc.}

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Stop Hackers. Video, Classroom, in-person visit with MC – Magic Computer. Kids joining CyberSpacers receive logo caps, T’s, and etc. Q & A quiz for prizes, software, games, etc. Stop hacking and be on guard. stop hackers, stop hacking, kids, schools, classrooms, hackers, phreaking, computer fraud, computer security, spyware, trojan horse, protection, how do i protect myself, privacy, internet security, security, computer security, internet connection, speed, speed up, web site, website web html tools, encryption, encrypt, website password site entry, html compression, compress html, file encryption, encrypt, copy protection, vb tools, visual basic tools, active X, OCX, DLL, NetWatcher, NetLightning, Vbolock, VBO Watch, site sentry, WebCrypt, Exstor, Ex-stor, TaskGuard, PassIt, Netwatcher,Aquacrypt, protect graphics, java, file protection, protect files, password protect hide lock files, blowfish encryption, free trial, email backup, e-mail backup, back up, monitoring, employee, Internet abuse, workplace management, child monitoring, stop hackers,desktop monitoring,copy protection,backup email, TCP/IP, mac address