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At all times, I stay mentally alert and keenly aware of any dangerous detours along the way.

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Exploring the Internet is fun. Yet, like the driver of a car, you must be careful on the Information Super-Highway - watch out for bumps in the road! Know where you want to go, stick to it, and you'll arrive safely at your destination. Visiting Web sites that offer hateful, sexual, violent, immoral or other poor subject matter is unwise and may be dangerous. These places often track your computer, which enables them to obtain personal information that is none of their business.

Do you wonder why these places exist? The answer is simple. The Internet is worldwide, and just as in the rest of the world, you'll find all kinds of people and ideas there, both good and bad. Think about it. In your day-to-day life would you get into a car with a stranger, or hang out with criminals, crooks & gangsters? If you said 'no' - why take unnecessary chances on the Internet?

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Many of today's computer-savvy youngsters know more about the Internet than grown-ups. If that's your situation, keep open a line of communication with them, you might learn something. Ask them where they go online and what they enjoy doing there. Ask, and get answers about what your child thinks is good and bad regarding their experiences in cyberspace.

There is not yet a perfect way, no cure-all 'fool-proof' solution to protect/shield kids from all of the dangers found on the Web. However, a first step is to study your ISP's online safety tips. Utilize applicable security options, settings and filters. Activate controls that block 'Adult Only' material. Use kids' Web browsers. Need more? Learn about software that can make a difference.

Contact us for info on technologies that fit your specific needs, and the various benefits and risks to kids using the Internet. The right safety solution varies from family to family, grade level, and particularly depends on the age and ability of the youngster.

The 'honor system' is best, especially if a child has lone access to the Web, but, making right judgment calls is essential in avoiding trouble. Technology can help, and so can we if you - Click Here.

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TM & © 2000 - 2015 CyberSpacers, Inc. All rights reserved.