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I respect others -- as I expect others to respect me.

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This is all about the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
If you broke into someone's home, you may or may not get caught. But for most people, it is not fear of being caught and punished that keeps them from breaking the law. Simply, it is having respect for others, and, respect for ourselves that keeps us from violating the rules.

Did you know it is a federal crime to steal someone else's mail? Even if it were not a crime - you still don't raid your neighbor's mail box - because it is wrong. And you would not expect them to raid yours for the same reason.

That sense of mutual respect applies directly to the Internet. Other people using the Worldwide Web deserve their privacy, just as you deserve yours. You don't open your neighbor's mail, so why even try to open their email?

Even if you could, you don't break into homes or businesses to steal or vandalize - because you're not a criminal. Likewise, although you may have the technical know-how, you don't break into Web sites - because you know hacking is wrong. If you know someone who hacks, or thinks it's a kind of game, tell them hacking is a cyber-crime and cyber criminals go to jail. Or, tell us!

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A recent poll of nearly 50,000 elementary and middle school students revealed that more than 48% of kids do not consider hacking a crime. Because we are in a horse race with youngsters who have mature computer skills and teenage ethics, we are here to educate kids on the dangers and consequences of cyber-crime. is designed to establish a sense of responsibility via pride in belonging to the Defenders Online Team. The "club" helps kids develop ethical and socially conscious online behavior. We strongly believe in our motto:
"Respect & Protect Your Internet."

Here kids will find features with stars and role models to whom they can relate. Our contests reward outstanding cyber achievers. Adventures of the 'Super Cyber Team', and heroes, appearing soon in schools, will work to stem the tide of cyber criminal idolization. If you're a parent, teacher or a concerned adult, you can help. Have your cyberspacers - Take the Oath - and - Join the Team!

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TM & © 2000 - 2015 CyberSpacers, Inc. All rights reserved.