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I may travel for fun and games - yet - I spend time wisely.

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Computers provide us a virtual unlimited arena for various activities that include studying, working, exploration, relaxing, playing games and having fun. Unfortunately, there are those who think of the Internet only as an amusement park with limitless new attractions, just for kicks. The Web is awesome, exciting, and like a real park - it's easy to lose track of time, and get lost there.

You know how to navigate the Internet. You are only a 'click' away from anywhere and anything you want. Fortunately, you're a lot smarter than some 'spacers, you realize the Web's not just a fun zone. You have the world's biggest and best electronic library in your room! Because there is a time for work - and a time for play - you take care of your school assignment first.

The magic of computers is that you can work wonders with them. Just like an Aladdin's Lamp, you're the (Web) master here. The best trick of any is to use your far-reaching powers to accomplish as much as possible.

The Web is not all fun and games. However it can be truly enchanting when you use it to Ace that test, or reach that game's highest level. It's up to you to spend your cyber-time wisely. Whether or not it's your own computer, it is - Your Internet.

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The world existed long before there was an Internet. Remind your kids how fortunate they are to have so much information so easily accessible to them. Growing up in the Age of Computers presents both opportunities and risks for young and naive users. It is our task to teach the value of putting time on the Internet to as good a use as skills allow.

Today's children and teens face challenges of communication and technology unknown to any other age in the history of mankind. Parents, teachers, all responsible adults must address those issues and specific needs young people ultimately face growing up online.

Youngsters are natural achievers, it's the major part of maturing into successful, well-adjusted adults. Yet, kids cannot attain full potential without sound guidance, and proper example. Parents should use the computer as a family activity. Explore together, play together, and together establish the value of spending cyber-time as wisely as you spend the days of your life.

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TM & © 2000 - 2015 CyberSpacers, Inc. All rights reserved.