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I search for knowledge and truth in order to achieve my goals, for the good of cyberspace, and planet earth.

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If you were able to read every single book in the public library, you would know a lot more than you do now. But even then, you'd have more questions than answers.

The greatest thinkers have been searching for knowledge and truth since the beginnings of civilization. Today you have an advantage like none before. That advantage is in front of you right now. It is this very computer, and Your Internet.

We keep saying it is Your Internet, because it is up to you to make the most of each and every moment you spend in cyberspace. There are many factors that will determine your success or failure in life. You can help yourself, in life, and on the Web simply by doing the best you can. Develop the ability to recognize what is worthwhile and what is not in relation to your goals.

Because it really is Computer Science, use the Internet to find the answers to the questions that will help you in life. Your goals, of course, are up to you. And you will achieve, if you work hard, be a responsible cybercitizen, and stay true to your dreams.

Your family, community, country, and even the earth itself needs your help, if progress is to continue. Your Internet can make a big and important difference, for the good of all.

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Technologically, we are in the most progressive time in history. It is vital to convey to kids the unlimited opportunities, and the dangers, that are found on the Internet.

Effective usage of the Worldwide Web depends on the skill level of the individual user. What is most significant is for kids and adults to take full responsibility for their actions as they explore, search and travel through cyberspace. By recognizing that it is Your Internet to respect and protect, in effect, each of us becomes a real-life 'Super Cyber Hero'.

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TM & © 2000 - 2015 CyberSpacers, Inc. All rights reserved.